copy entire key blocks from one action to another

Is there an easier way than pose by pose to do it, it would be nice to be able copy and paste part or entire actions into another.

You sort-of could do this in the NLA editor. By setting the start and end frames used by each action strip, you can ‘crop’ out regions of each action, thus achieving the same effect.


If you mean copy the Action to the same Armature then yes. Leave your Action (let’s say AC:Walk) linked (don’t clickthe X before Add New) and select “Add New” from the menu. A new action “AC:Walk.001” will be created which is a copy of the first and can be renamed and edited.


I never have used NLA, as I didn’t think it a library builder as the action editor “is or could be” the actions are being done for a game and will be exported to md5 via derton’s script, I have no idea how it will treat with your NLA idea.

@fligh I know this, but like aligorith realized I,m trying to sample multiple actions to create new ones

@aligorith again can these cropped strips be merged to single strip and made an action somehow

I don’t even have characters rigged yet to be sure that it’ll work, bad habbits from my cstudio days are starting to bite me in the ass.

It is possible that baking the strips to an action might work, but I can’t guarantee that. AFAIK, the baking tools are only half-working or only for some situations.


BAKING TOOLS:confused: details please, where to find and such.

Hmm… it must have been ages ago that we had that. Looks like another item to add to my todo list :wink:


ok then sems I’ll have to do it pose by pose then thanks anyway, still it would be nice to copy more than a single pose over different actions…sound lazy yes, but when u are coder, modeller, animato…for your own game, can only fully use one hand, conveniences like this help…alot

I guess what mcbeth is wanting to do is something similar in poser. Lets say you want someone to walk foward, stop, turn, and then wave. You already have an action for walking and another for the turn, and a third for the wave. However, they are in seperate actions. You would like to use these to save time instead of re-animating all the key frame all over again.
In poser, you can just simply click on the “action” and drop it into a timeline. If this is something that if blender can do, I do not know how to do it. This would be a nice feature because lets say you have a action that only controls the legs, and a seperate action that controls the upperbody, you can mix and match the actions to rapidly create several results.


You can create actions by making keyframes while in pose mode, then naming the action in the action editor. You can then recycle the animation for later use in the NLA as a strip, and this can be duplicated and mixed with other action strips. There are many references to this in this forum - I’m still practicing, but I’ve been able to add seperate action in the NLA and make my character rig repeat actions this way. I used to duplicate key frame markers in the action editor and drag them to the spot I wanted them in the timeline - wasted a lot of time that way.:o