copy finger, bones, and weight paint

I just rigged a finger and to avoid doing this all over again several times, how can I copy the mesh with the bones and its weight paint assignment to finish the rest of the hand?

Thanks a lot

Quite an unorthodox way of doing things… but hey…

In object mode, duplicate the finger and move it to it’s new position and adjust as needed. Then in the object data panel, under vertex groups, rename all the vertex groups for the new bones that will control them. Then select the armature, and in edit mode, duplicate the bones and move them into position for the new finger. Then re-name each bone to reflect the changes in the vertex group names. Rinse & repeat as needed. Once finished, select each finger mesh object, making sure to select the original last, and do a ctrl-J to join all the mesh objects into one.


I have a bit of a problem…

here it is:…&v=1t1mlPZYg3I

(That vid was made for somebody else (Ran13). so u will hear me reference the fact that i have talked to him before. just sayin that so it dosen’t get confusing)

here’s the .blend file, in case it helps u fix my prob: