copy font style from one to another

If i have a bunch or text and it is all Arial and I want to change it to Helvetica is there a way to do that with a copy command to save time?

I am on a Mac, using 2.6 and I cannot seem to get ctrl-c to work.

I dont know whether I am doing something stupid, or there is another key (I tried command c also).

Does anyone know? thanks!!!

There is no Copy and Paste function for what you are trying to do.

Just link all your font objects to the same font datablock. Then when you change that single datablock all fonts objects that use that datablock will update as well.

In the Font context TAB click on the ‘F’ icon next to the word Regular. This will bring up a list of fonts currently in use in your scene. If you make all your font objects use the same datablock (that is what these are called) then all changes will be synchronized.