Copy from scene to scene - Possible?

Hi, First and formost, Sorry if this has been answered already or there is a tutorial for it.
If it has please point me in the right direction.
Now, onto the question.
I am doing a little kitchen scene as my first little project and I planned on doing all my seperate objects and stuff in different scenes then copying them straight into the kitchen, In another scene.
The problem is that, being a blender newbie, I don’t know if there is a copy option for blender, I know about duplicate and mirror but I couldn’t find anything about copying from scene to scene.
So, baisically, I want to know if there is a way to copy from scene to scene; Any help is much appreciated.


Yes, it’s under File >> Append.

It’s a little confusing at first. You need to tell the panels which file you want to grab bits from, and then which elements of that file (the other blender file) you want to be imported. Probably you’ll confuse scenes with objects and meshes and materials, but you’ll before long get the idea.

…there’s the “right direction” anyway. :wink: Good luck.

Many, Many thanks man, I owe you one :slight_smile:
I’ll get on it right away.

EDIT: Just tried it, and I can find the objects but since they’re made up of several Seperate objects they come in all seperate, And I have to re-aglign them… Any way to link two or more objects together?

right click :slight_smile:

Ther is an easier way…(IMHO!)

In new Blender 2.42 there is an option to ‘group’ objects. You can also give names to the groups.

1st step, select objects (r click) then cntrl g add to new group. Next obj add existing group. Name groups in object menu (F7)

To import, open a new scene, file append, choose file you saved. Look for group, click it, you will see group names, r click on the groups you want then import.

Note that objects come in on the same layers they were saved to, so make sure you select the layers with objs in.

Just notice other part of your post. You may like to parent your objects together. IE: largest object moved, smaller objects move as well, but you can move smaller object seperately. Consider a bottle on a table. Select bottle (Child) hold shift, select table (Parent) cntrl+p make parent. You move table, bottle stays in same relationship, but you can still change position of bottle on table (for artistic reasons!)

@Roy: I already Tried parenting, It didn’t work though :frowning:
@all o’ ya!: Thanks alot for the help, And for considering my Troubles :smiley:

Did you read my previous post about grouping and appending? that should do what you want.

Actually, That’s what I was reffering to when I said “Thanks for helping” :stuck_out_tongue:
Yes, I did, and It helped an astonishing amount, for which I am in your debt… Sorta