Copy game logic for other objects in blender

Hello everybody, I’m very new in blender and I’m building my first game, a Jenga game, but I have a question, It’s possible copy all the game logic from an object and copy it to other object? I ask that because I created several blocks based on a cube, I added all the physics, materials, textures for the blocks and also the game logic for only 1 block, what I need is set the same for other blocks (30 blocks more) so I want to know if it’s possible copy only the game logic, at this moment I have all the blocks positioned and on the correct place so, I (think) only need copy the game logic to finish that.

I tried with shift + D but that gives me a (new) copy of the block, but I only want copy and assign the game logic to the blocks that I created previously

I’m using blender 2.62


select all the blocks you want to copy logic to, select block with logic bricks as the last one.
spacebar --> write “copy” --> and chose the option “Copy Logic Bricks to Selected”

you can see that there is actually a lot of stuff you can copy, even physics properties.

thank you very much that did the trick :slight_smile: