Copy "image to plane" import options to "Obj import"

Well there are some options in the “image to plane” addon that i would love to use in the general “obj import” addon.

Is there any way to copy the part of the script into the normal obj importer?

The Part that i am needing is (i hope / think)

t =[“use_shadeless”]
use_shadeless = BoolProperty(, default=False, description=t.description)

use_transparency = BoolProperty(name="Use Alpha", default=False, description="Use alphachannel for transparency")
t =["transparency_method"]
items = tuple((it.identifier,, it.description) for it in t.enum_items)
transparency_method = EnumProperty(name="Transp. Method", description=t.description, items=items)
t =["use_transparent_shadows"]
use_transparent_shadows = BoolProperty(, default=False, description=t.description)

So that the premultiply and shadow options are available in the obj importer.

well i tried my best in understanding this script and try to “import” it to the obj import script…

here is how far i get (but it dont work for now)


well since the new 2.66 is out, this feature isn’t needed anymore :smiley: this can be closed.