Copy/inverse pose

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to make a run animation. I pose my character in frame one. But when I tried to copy my pose (using ctrl C and shift ctrl V) to frame 9, the foot messed up. My hand seems to works okay with the inverse, but why my foot posing like this?

Do you have any solution? Thank you.

  1. Check if names of the bones are correct. Left foot should have .L at the end, right should be named the same, except it should have .R at the end, for example: foot.L and foot.R.
  2. Check roll of the bones.
    In edit mode of the armature select one of the feet (firstly make sure you have X-Axis Mirror enabled in the options tab), press ctrl+R (at this point the unselected foot should change its roll, if it had it wrong), don’t move mouse, press enter.

Thank you @slawek382 it’s all good now