Copy Keyframes of an animated part to a new Bone?

Hey Guys,
I’m fairly new to Blender and I’ve a question.
I’m working on a Model that has Animations already.
Since my Character I’m working on has a Tail, I added a new Mesh (Tail) + extruded some bones for the tail.
Unfortunately the new bones have no animations.

I’m using Blender to create Models for Unity and there’s a Script which make specified bones “dynamic” (good enough for Hair and Tails). This Script is called “Dynamic Bones”.

But since I have to attach the root of the tail to the Dynamic Bones Script, the root has to be the same animation as an already existing bone has.

Right now it looks like this:

is there a way to copy the Keyframes of one bone to a new bone (“bone.Hips” to the new “bone.TailRoot”)?
If yes, could you tell me how?