Copy Location and Rotation constraints question

Hi there,

I’m testing how Blenders constraints are working.

I’d like to take advantage of Copy Location and Copy Rotation constraint Offset feature. I’m using Blender 2.74.

Rotation seems to be working fine in my quick test.
Position behaves strangely.

Create a default cube, move it to x -2 and then duplicate it and move it to x +2. Then constrain second cube to first using Copy Location.

  1. First thing that happens is that constrained cube will jump, it will move to location relative to master object (0,0,0), which is a bit unexpected. If I remove the constraint, it will pop back to (2,0,0) I think I can live with that yet it’s unexpected.

  2. Second thing that I’d like know how to fix is, the fact that when I rotate the constrained cube, it will rotate from it’s original location, despite it moved to relative position to it’s master. Rotation line also originates from objects actual position not from current position.

Is this caused by some pivot setting I’m missing or is it something else?

you might want to use “child of” constraint instead. Turn off rotation and experiment with “set inverse”

Also shift ctrl C is a useful shortcut for constraining objects in the viewport, otherwise if you hover over the target box in the ui you can press e and get a dropper tool that lets you click the object you want in the 3d view

@FrankieH: thanks, I’ll try that! At first glance child of seems to be more predictable, have to test it more though!