Copy Location difficulties.

I’m following a tutorial I found online about leg rigs, and I seem to be stuck on one part.

I have just made the tiny bone hanging off the shin, and I’m trying to do the Copy Location step. I’ve done everything up to this point exactly as the tutorial series has shown. However, the ankle doesn’t want to move when I use Copy Location. I know this is an older version of Blender, but surely the other constraint listed as “Copy Location” would work, right?

I do notice that my Copy Location box only has the [OB:…], but not the [BO:…] box. The constraint name is in red, and doesn’t have the little arrows next to it that I’ve seen online.

Does anyone know how I can get it working?

If it doesn’t have the BO: box, then the object you entered into the OB: box is not an armature.

EDIT: Gah, I feel so dumb. I kept trying to put the armature’s name in first, rather than “Armature”.

Thanks for pointing that out!