Copy mantaflow to multiple objects

I have a student who wants to copy his mantaflow simulation to other objects. He wants to place the fire in the other fire pits. We’ve tried linking, but we aren’t having luck with that.

Also, Any advice on how to keep the file workable when he duplicates many mantaflow torches? I’m looking to learn the proper workflow.

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There are multiple solutions to this problem.

One of them is to duplicate the emitter and scale the domain up to fit all of the torches. If you do that, you can bake it as one simulation. The problem is that you will lose a lot of your resolution and noise in the process.

When looking at your file, I noticed that you have adaptive domain on in your domain object. Adaptive domain is great, if your simulation will be changing size a lot, (like an explosion or water) and you want to preserve as much resolution divisions as possible. But with something like a single flame of fire, it wont be worth it to use adaptive domain. The reason you can’t link or duplicate is that your adaptive domain is resizing it to fit the original simulation. If you want to fix that, turn off adaptive domain. Then you can link and duplicate all you want. It will bake as a single simulation (being linked), so you shouldn’t have to duplicate the emitter. Good luck!

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bro i had the same probleme and i tried to disable adabtive domain and it worked like magic thnx very much i have been stuggling for days now also am new to blender.i know am very late to this coversation but man you never know, you might save someone with your comment years later