Copy Mesh into Scene ...?

Hi, there.

This should be the easiest task in the world, but I can’t quite figure out how to do it.

I have found an mesh model (drawn in Blender) and I have an existing scene (also drawn in Blender).

I have opened them both up in Blender, but cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to copy the mesh model into the scene.

Yes, I am a noob, please be gentle … but explicit.


use shift-f1 to append anything you want. browse to the directory with the mesh you want, select the object/mesh datablock and append it to your basic scene

hi Thangalin and welcome to BA

this forum: News & Discussion, is not for support using Blender. If you want help about using Blender, the best place is in the Support forums, a tip is to start in Basics & Interface. So I advice you to look more closely where to post before you do so.



I must be missing something. I guess I want to import the entire mesh – including its properties, into the new scene.

Meshes, Materials, Textures, you name it.

Here are some screenscrapes:

In the first screenshot, I’ve opened up the other scene.

In the second screenshot, I’ve selected the mesh. It would be nice at this point if I could have selected something in the first screenshot. Any ideas?

In the third screenshot, which is part of an animated scene, I do not see the mesh that was imported. It is nowhere to be found. Any ideas?

Many thanks!

okay, i repeat. you can append anything you want. for example you can append the whole scene. or append the object ( i think this should contain mesh, material and texture). maybe search your layers for the object?

Appending a Mesh brings in only the data related to said mesh (select an Object, goto F9 buttons, Links and Materials tab and open the ME: menu and you’ll see the mesh datablocks available. To bring in an Object (that the mesh datablock can be linked to) append from the Objects lib. As Stulli says all datablocks will be appended with the Object.


search the layers was bingo,