copy normal of one mesh element to another element

Is there a way to align the orientation of a mesh element with alother element, or in other words, copy the normal of one element to another element? I’m trying to make one face coplanar with another. I realize I can do this by separating the element in question, using ‘snap to face’ with ‘align rotation on’, then rejoin the face with the mesh, but this is a very messy and tedious way of doing it. I’m looking for a solution I can do entirely in edit mode. Possible?

is this what you mean? make faces planar add-on:

That’s not quite what I was looking for. I wanted to align a specific face to the normal of another specific face (basically copy the normal value) without deforming either face.

But I figured out how to do this another way, using the ‘align view to face normal’ keys (shift + 1/3/7/9). It’s much less tedious than the method I stated in the original post, but it takes some explaining. If anyone wants specifics on how to use this method, reply to this thread.