copy ob and keyframes ?

I have a small hinge with obs with 2 keyframes

is there a way to copy all obs with keyframes but independent of the first obs?


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You asked your question in the wrong section. Also, when you mention “obs”, you need objects, right?

in which forum should it be ?

and obs is for objects

also found another problem
I remove some keyframes on some objects
and now I cannot add keyframes

so how can I do that ?

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Since this is an animation problem, it should go into the other animation thread. Can you post the blend file for examination?

I ask to move it !

here is sample file
if you anim this door open / close

but if you copy all objects to another location
then try to anim it all doors go back to the first one

guess because there is location / rotation constraint !

but then how do you create another copy with the right keys independant of the first set of keys ?

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Zdoor-bug1.blend (116 KB)

So I took a look at the file. It’s simple really. Just get rid of the X keyframes after duplication. Problem solved.

do you have to go into Graph editor to remove X key ?
any other location to do that ?

still is it possible to copy objects _ keys to another location to have another set of anim doors ?

there must be something to do that in Bl ?

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Yes, you have to go into the graph editor and remove the X Keyframes. Do this after you have duplicated the objects.

but this looks like the Keys are based on global coord instead of local !

still is there a way to make an independent copy ?

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Go into the action editor after you duplicated the models and press the plus sign to duplicate the action.

can you show pic for this + things in NLA

you mean I copy all objects then do that ?

or is there a tut showing this may be?

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It’s the only button with a plus sign in the NLA. You REALLY can’t miss it after you duplicate the models.