Copy objects between scenes

(Peter) #1

I have several scenes (different rooms) in my game. Now when I create enemies/objects in one scene I don’t know how to copy those to my other scenes…

A solution someone?

(xintoc) #2

When you have a enemy in your one scene, then save the *.blend
file and name it whatever you want, and now Shift+F1(Appned)
and open the enemy.

P.S. you should really try this!

(gargola) #3

i don’t know why appending from a game to the same game,doesn’t work for me :-? anyway…you should try control+L and choose the scene you want the object to go.there is a problem with that i must say.if you link an object to another scene,if the object moves in one scene it will move in the other scene should be careful if you want an object to stay in an specific place.but one solution is to make a copy of it in that scene and delete the original and keep the copy. hope that helps! :smiley:

(Peter) #4

That’s exactly what I was looking for, gargola!
You just saved my life… :smiley:


(gargola) #5

LOL…glad i could help! :wink: :smiley:

(wiseman303) #6

To make the linked object seprate from the one on the other scene, select the object, press Alt-U and choose object (changes to position/orientation no longer effect both), or object+ob data (same as object, but now changes to the mesh don’t effect both either).

(gargola) #7

now that was useful wise! i didn’t know that. thanx! :smiley:

(Peter) #8

Great! Learning new things everyday :smiley:

(guru202) #9


your files don’t append because you save “signed” files. Look in you file menu and uncheck “sign file”. I had the same problem.

(gargola) #10

shoot! i didn’t know that either! thanx man! :smiley: