Copy objects instead of moving when 'moving objects to a different layer'?

I bet this can be done via pythont, being not very script-savvy, could someone please help me out with this?

I almost exclusively duplicate (backup) objects, not move them… would love to see a feature in the prefs and or interface, where you could choose whether you wanna move or duplicate…

Am I alone in this?

Or Maybe something like ALT+M for duplicate would be great… Wonder if you can set it up like that somewhere in the prefs?

I almost exclusively duplicate (backup) objects, not move them…
Why ? What is the reasoning behind what you are doing ?

If you want to duplicate just duplicate and move to a new layer
If you want the same object on different layers then select multiple layers

I am doing backups of meshes, a lot.

As I do it way more often than just moving, I’d much prefer if duplication was the default ‘command’. Way too many clicks :slight_smile:

Or maybe I am way too luxurious :smiley:

If you have a lot of meshes, then just select and move them all at once.

Nah, just backup single meshes a lot