copy of animation urgent

(anatak) #1

this is getting realy urgent
can someone tell me how i can post my blend file ?
I need to know how i can copy an animation
the animation exists of
1 empty
two armatures (parented to the empty)
two object (one parented to each armature)

that is it
But i can’t copy them They keep dissapearing
pls HELP

(overextrude) #2

How are you attempting to copy it?

(anatak) #3

i select
-the empty
-the 2 armatures
-and the two meshes
with B key function
then SHIFT + D and i move it a little
but i dissapears when i ALT + A

(anatak) #4

sry but i found at last what i did wrong
I realised it when i was writing my previous reply
I copied off course the IPO of the empty wich was used for the motion.
So i deleted the ipo of the empty
and now i can copy everyting whithout problems

a happy blending anatak

(stephen2002) #5

well, you seemed to figure out a solution without actually knowing what the problem was.

When you copied the objects that still had the old IPO attached, they would all return to their original positions when you press Alt-A. The new objects don’t disappear, they sit in the exact same position of the old objects.

You only have to delete (or just shift) the location IPOs of the new set, not the old one. It can be done after copying assuming that you do not advance the frame or try to play/render the animation before changeing the IPO.