Copy Particle Settings to Buffer?

Does anyone know how to copy particle settings to the buffer and then paste them into several identical emitters? I know how to do it for materials, poses, etc. but it looks like the particle settings panel (in the Object context under “Effects”) is missing the buttons that you would normally use.

Also, is there any way to disable the automatic recalculation of particles every time you move the emitter or tweak a setting? I am working with a CPU intensive scene and I don’t want to wait around every time I tweak a setting.

I am using Blender 2.37a.


Ctrl-C will copy settings from the Active emitter (last selected and light pink) to any other selected mesh objects.

Everybody else is complaining that it doesn’t update!

Anyhow, no there’s no way do disable it, but you can safely turn down the Total (top-left box) while tweaking.


Ah, thanks! Very handy. I was afraid it might not be in there, but I should have known better because Blender rocks!

Nice tip for the other question. I also tried moving my emitters to a blank layer (temporarily) and then back to the layer with all my deflectors. Moving emitters to a different layer doesn’t force a recalculation.

One more question: In the particle settings panel, there appears to be a blank button that doesn’t do anything, right below the “NEW Effect” button. Does it actually do something?

The Effect Instance button; add a new effect (click new) and you have a new button that allows you to toggle between the 2 instances.


Very nice. Thanks!