Copy Particles to Rigid Bodies

sorry for asking this, but is there a specific way, to make all particles from the emitter copy the settings from a different objekt, because the “Copy from active” does not work for me, :confused:

I think ‘copy from active’ should work, make sure your selected objects are visible, the last one you select will be the active object
you can also right click on a textfield and use ‘copy to selected’ or press Alt when entering a value and will be applied to all selected objects

I tried the script but the particles fall from the sphere
I wanted they stay on the sphere
How can I do ?

No one was asking for 2.8 version yet? What a big surprise … so may I ask - any chance?
(Or did I miss something?) Thanks for info :slight_smile:

hi vklidu, there’s an updated script now on first post
should work but results are not very predictable, you need to play a bit…

could be improved, or maybe there’s some other script around…?
we are all waiting for nodal particles anyway =)

Hahááá :slight_smile: I’m on a board. Thanks for quick response. Since I’m loosing 2.7x skills its hard to swithing between versions. Script seems to work as intended.

Nodal Particles - yes waiting … can be long term, you know.
I never had a problem with cycles or compositor node system. My personal problem is that I tried to use Animation Nodes (learned from tuts), but still seems unbreakable to naturaly catch system of combining nodes. So I’m not sue if I’m in category of “waiters” here.
I see many problems with current particle system, hopefully I’m not fall into anoter troubles with nodal system :slight_smile:

Many thanks for accesing 2.8 version

thanks @liero. You are save my life. It is a best script I ever seen in my life.

I love this script, but whenever I run it the particles stick to the emitter and don’t fall as expected, any explanation of why this happens?

welcome Molly_Kaplan and thanks, does the example file in first post work for you? maybe you can share a blend, pm me if you want… it is a simple script, there are a couple of things I need to fix also… (like generated objects not sharing mesh data)

and thank you Barthez btw

One of the best addons back. Makes application much easier on rigid bodies.

Just now discovering this addon, thanks for all you’re doing with it! I’ve been looking for something to replace the ‘particle instantiator’ addon in this regard, since the creator of that one seems to have vanished off the face of the earth without updating it to 2.8.

So far I’ve noticed that your addon seems to work great with smaller amounts of particles (like 100-300), but when using the default of 1000, it seems to freeze up Blender for a whole 3 minutes. Not sure if there’s no way around that or not, but it’s just something I noticed.

The only requests I have is that you incorporate some kind of ‘delete all’ button or something that deletes all the objects it creates and gets you back to the regular particle system for edits. And maybe have it automatically put the new objects into their own collection. Not huge deals, but they would be convenient.
Thanks again, you’re a rock star!