Copy Particles to Rigid Bodies

sorry for asking this, but is there a specific way, to make all particles from the emitter copy the settings from a different objekt, because the “Copy from active” does not work for me, :confused:

I think ‘copy from active’ should work, make sure your selected objects are visible, the last one you select will be the active object
you can also right click on a textfield and use ‘copy to selected’ or press Alt when entering a value and will be applied to all selected objects

I tried the script but the particles fall from the sphere
I wanted they stay on the sphere
How can I do ?

No one was asking for 2.8 version yet? What a big surprise … so may I ask - any chance?
(Or did I miss something?) Thanks for info :slight_smile:

hi vklidu, there’s an updated script now on first post
should work but results are not very predictable, you need to play a bit…

could be improved, or maybe there’s some other script around…?
we are all waiting for nodal particles anyway =)

Hahááá :slight_smile: I’m on a board. Thanks for quick response. Since I’m loosing 2.7x skills its hard to swithing between versions. Script seems to work as intended.

Nodal Particles - yes waiting … can be long term, you know.
I never had a problem with cycles or compositor node system. My personal problem is that I tried to use Animation Nodes (learned from tuts), but still seems unbreakable to naturaly catch system of combining nodes. So I’m not sue if I’m in category of “waiters” here.
I see many problems with current particle system, hopefully I’m not fall into anoter troubles with nodal system :slight_smile:

Many thanks for accesing 2.8 version

thanks @liero. You are save my life. It is a best script I ever seen in my life.