Copy Paste and Apply All Modifications to a different object

The title self explanatory I assume. I wanted to apply everything including the modifications to vertices to another object usually another copy of the same object. I know that there is an addon which is similar but does not include the vertices. I usually work with multiple files selected and edit my cuts and slices like that but I had forgotten to select another file. So in this scenario . I want to apply the same modifications as if it was also selected with the other files together while I was cutting and slicing the vertices… I hope it is clear enough. But you could be also just wanting to import the same file which you’ve already edited because something got messed up and you need to go back to the time where your undo history cant reach :wink:

Sorry, it is not clear to me what you are trying to do. I m lost on the part where you were selecting files and cutting …
Can you be more clear and share .blend file if needed.

Ok here is the scenario. As microsoft flight simulator enthusiasts some of us trying to create some custom scenery by using a Google Earth 3D model catcher earth2msfs and edit the downloaded 3D modeled maps in Blender use SDK to apply them and upload to the community. During Blender editing sessions we cut and slice ,reduce mesh size by distance , edit some color settings and so on. The most important part is slicing and deleting unnecessary sections because it has to blend in well with the already in 3d Bings Map which Flight Simulator uses. While doing that we have to use 3 or 4 different quality of the same map model for MSFS to use for different height views. So either we have to cut and slice all of them chosen at the same time if your computer is fast enough. Mine starts studdering after 17 million verts :wink: SO some of us need to do it one by one because of the computer power it requires to edit a 2 km square area. My question is ; is there a way to apply all the modifications I made to a map (one of the layers) including cuts and deleted verts to another map possibly different resolution of the same map. It might be more clear I suppose now :wink: This could also be very handy when you are doing the same thing for different objjects I suppose. Like creating a bite on an apple model then copying that bite to all other fruit models you have :slight_smile:

No. Blender doesn’t keep a record of edits that you perform.

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I thought there would be because you can apply other modifications to multiple other objects with an add-in in Blender . Special copy function already exists but without the vert modifications :frowning: