Copy/paste between Blender and other applications?

Hi all. I am about two months old to blender. I want to learn how to Copy/paste between Blender and other applications. Actually, I want to copy a script from the Noob to Pro wikki tutorials and paste in Blender Text Editor. After copying from the wikki page I can’t paste it in the text editor even after doing: edit----paste in the text editor in Blender.
Please can anyone help

ctrl/shift/c to copy from blender or ctrl/shift/v to copy to blender.
also open file from text editor, file/open.

Oh Meta,
Thanks a million. U were the only one who took pity on my soul to answer my question. If you had not answered it, I would have been stuck for good. I really appreciate it. Thanks again. I CAN NOW MOVE ON.

Instead of being stuck, you could’ve also saved the script as a file on your computer, and opened that in the blender text editor… :slight_smile: