Copy/paste between scenes

Is there any way to copy and paste objects between scenes(when making the game , not playing it.)? I remade my trees and i need them in my next level, which i can’t afford to remake. Appending doesn’t work, so what do i do?

Hey Matt,

The solution is simple. Just select the object you wish to have in another scene, and press CTRL+L and that will bring up a “Make Links” menu. Select “To Scene” and then select the scene you would like to link the object to.

fast and reliable! thanks! Ven0mSevenX, i bow to you!

And, if you want it non-linked at the same time(means that if it’s linked it keeps the same attributes, logic bricks, location etc. same at the both scenes) just duplicate it (SHIFT+D). Then it wont keep the same -mentioned above- stuff. It only keeps it locally at the scene where you made it.

Hope you understood my explanation… :smiley:

EDIT: and, oh, then delete the link at the other scene, where you linked it.

i bow to both of you!

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Instead of duplicating it, just CTRL + L select your scene, go to your scene select the models you just made a link with, press U select “object” and your done. :wink: