Copy/Paste in the text window?

Why doesnt blender code use the standard copy/paste functions to allow dragging/pasting/copying amongst windows on windows systems?

It seem very odd to me that there is NO WAY to copy text back and forth.

Its a pain to stop and type in a url in another window, or copy scripts from online to a text file, close it and then open it in blender.

Just seems really weird since the code is available in c, and basic, and blahblahblah…

Perhaps because it already is there? Only for Windows for now though. Check Text Window menus. I think the shortcuts were alt-v and alt-c (or alt-shift-c and v).

Control Shift C and Control Shift V copies and pastes to and from the system clipboard.

I believe what Bebraw said only works with Blenders own buffer. Control C and Control V do the same.

Thanks, I didnt know about the shift ctrl…

oK, it doesnt work on my machine. Also, it wasnt listed in the edit options. :’(

Well it shouldn’t be in the menus because its only available on windows and one of Blender’s maxims is to be completely the same on all platforms, so anything specific has to bes hidden.

It is possible to show the option in the menu only on Windows platform. It’s a trivial piece of code to add really.

Yeah I know its certainly possible, but I think I read somewhere that Blender tries to keep everything the same on all platforms. For example, almost all programs for a Mac use Command instead of Control, but Blender doesn’t; and since Macs don’t have many mouse buttons they have added support for that, but it is available in all the builds.

The clipboard is the most standard object of the operating system, I don’t understand why this deviation?

I think on windows builds, it should simply be CTRL-V and CTRL-C, not SHIFT-CTRL-V and SHIFT-CTRL-C

Perhaps there should be checkbox in the configurations menu that says something like this: “Use Windows Standard Clipboard”

The reason is because Blender uses its clipboard to store much more than text. You can copy colors, objects, materials, location, keyframes; all using Blender’s internal clipboard. This stuff would get messed up if you allowed Windows to screw around with it.

Poor argument.

I have programmed the windows clipboard before. It can contain text, color, images and custom types.

This limitation does not seem to affect other cross platform applications like After Effects, Phoptoshop and Maya to name a few?

The source is open. If you want to see it fixed, dig in or find someone else to do it for you.