Copy-Paste LogicBricks feature request

To improve Game-Content Creation, i think, is needed a function to copy Properties and LogicBricks from one object to another
Efforless way, i think again, is trougth coding two separate clipboards, one for properties datablocks and other for LogicBricks datablocks
Add correspondent copy/pastes buttons, and a way to select those datablocks for the active object.
“B keypress” for selection tool (box or brush)

Select all your target objects whild holding shift, then select the source object, and press control C, copy property’s first then logic bricks.

Also, there is a thread for GE updates etc here:

I just bumped it to the front of line.

yup you can already copy these…! another way is selecting both objects… can never rmemeber which order it must be so experiment… and then in the 3d window click on the object menu… go to copy Attributes… and choose an option… you can copy some other really cool stuff here too!

The “good” order it’ll be the last one, the active one, bright pink.
In other words, you can select the way you want, but you must choose the “active” one ( bright pink, the “copy source”) at the end, with “right-mouse” click.