copy paste motion tracking matte to 3d viewport

Is it possible to copy paste a matte made in the motion tracker to the 3d viewport and place it in depth in the scene? Because matting tools are way better in the motiontracker.

thanks for your answer!

I don’t think it’s possible . that may be scripted in some ways.
The way curves are done in the motion tracker are a bit different than Bezier curves in the 3D view. So having them both matching may not be possible.
Straight lines are way easier.
Getting feather is kind of tricky too.

So maybe something hackable quickly that can work at a very basic level, but to get exactly the same features can get very tricky.

As @sozap says the feathering is very challenging to reproduce. You can use the “trackers to geometry” function so that the empties will sync up in 3D view but then you have to use them as Hooks to a bezier curve object. But what do you want to achieve with this?
You can add a material and video texture to the curve object and drive its shape with the empties but it may not deform the way that you expect.
Why not render the 2D mask out from the MCE via the compositor? Then use that to drive the transparency of the material?

Check out my little how to for Quick and dirty Keys and Mask in 3D view.