Copy/Paste vertex positions?


I am just learning how to use Shape Keys from the introduction to animation tutorial. And I bumped into a small problem. I have my character mesh with 2 shape keys, one for the mouth open and another for the mouth closed.

The problem is that I just had the brilliant idea to reshape the character’s finger, and I did that to one of the shape keys. Thinking that I was doing it to all keys. Now not only my character moves the mouth between keys, but he also changes the size of his fingers.

I could solve this manually and just reshape the fingers for both keys, it wouldn’t be hard. But this is only because the mesh is very simple. I’m worried if this would happen again in the future to something more complex that I couldn’t just fix it manually. What could I do to edit the mesh on all shape keys?

  • Is there any way I can copy the position of some vertices on one shape key and paste those to another shape key?
  • Is there any way to edit more than one shape key at once?

Thanks for your time,

This sounds very funny. Can you make animation of that :smiley:

The answer of the first question is YES. There is a script called
Blend From Shape
it deforms a selection of a shape by percent of another available shape.

The answer of the second question is YES. There is a script called
Propagate To All Shapes
entering a chosen shape it applies a selected part of it to all available shapes.

Both tools can be accessed only in mesh edit mode by pressing W key and invoking the Specials menu.

That covers it all. Thanks a lot Syziph, you were really helpful :slight_smile:

Now it’s not as funny anymore, but at least it’s working as intended ^^

I am glad to help!