Copy / paste

Hey all

I have made two blenders where I need to put one of my figures in the other file. I have later found out that i could have opened a new 3D-world in the same file. But is it possible to move one figure into another file where there is already a figure.

This case I have made a chess board and need to put a pawn on the board. But it is two seperated files. Can you do this?

Shift F1 for append.

Select the things you want to copy from the Object tree. This will copy all the attached meshes, materials, IPOs, etc.

Hope this helps.

Jep Duoas. It works. Thanks a lot.

it time blender also get a good copy and past system which works everywhere :wink: but the append system is pretty nice to import objects
data like mesh and textures, works like a zip file / archive