Copy/Pasting Collections? fail story


  • I had 3 image references,
  • put them in a Collection,
  • Copy’d (not dup’d) the Collection,
  • Made a New Scene,
  • Used PASTE DATA BLOCKS in the Outliner (the only available Paste),
  • Status line said “7 data blocks pasted”, but nothing, zero, nada, appeared in the Outliner.

Now, I know the Blender devs have some sort of sick aversion to simple Copy/Pasting, but if “7 data blocks” are being Pasted, where are they?

Additionally: I just COPIED the image refs manually, ie not as a collection, in the Outliner and I could not PASTE them in another Scene’s Outliner… but I could paste them in the 2nd Scene’s 3d VIew.

This seems like total b#llsh#t.