Copy 'pose' back to edit mode?

Hi all, apologies if this info is available elswhere, but I’ve been looking for a day or two and can’t see anything, so I’ll ask you lot!
I’m not sure if this is possible, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t be…
I’ve started the mesh, and then built the armatures first, from skeleton reference, and would like to build the rest of the model around the bones. However, now that I amm happy with the bones I would actually like to repose them first, before continuing to model around them. Very simple to repose in pose mode (obviously!), but, of course, when I go back to edit mode, the bones pop back to where I created them. Is there a way that I can get my ‘pose mode pose’ to become my new ‘edit mode pose’?
Thanks :]

oh dear, sorry about the double post :L
You cad delete this thread if you like.

No, but in the Armature Modifier tab on the Mesh, in the top field on the right click the little ‘EditCube’ button. A new button will pop up to the right of it; click that too. Now you can goto edit mode on your mesh while it’s deformed by the Armature.

(Edit mode for the Armature is only for adding and deleting bones and setting bone relationships; lengths, connections RollAngles and scale. Once you’ve done that you can do everything in Pose mode).