Copy proprieties

One simple question:
How do i copy a propriety from an object and paste into another one that is placed on a different scene?
Looks like propriety actuator isnt working so any ideas?\


You’ll have to use python for that.

from bge import logic

def cpProperty():

    cont = logic.getCurrentController()
    own = cont.owner

    scenes = logic.getSceneList()
    scene = scenes[x] #x is the scenes position in the list -1, because it starts at 0
    obj = scene.objects["object's name"]

    own["name of property"] = obj["name of property"]

You can’t copy and paste properties.

You can copy properties from one object to another by selecting both game objects and <space>+copy game properties.

Hmm, cant get it working.
Can you please upload a blend.
Many thanks!

Sorry it took a while, I didn’t have access to my computer (I was using my phone, so I was unable to test it too :stuck_out_tongue: ).
Anyways here’s the blend:

Now i am also mobile, so i will check it when i will reach the pc!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: Let me know if you need any adjustments/changes.

I will!!
This would be really helpful, its for my HUD!

Now i ve tested the script and works prefect!! Thanks!

That’s great :slight_smile: