Copy render output to clipboard - function

Hi. I am using the compositor a lot to do concept and animated storyboards.
I find it tedious to press F12 to render, image>save as>target directory>type name; Windows+TAB, switch application>file>open>target directory, open the saved image, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, switch open tabs in the application and finally CTRL+V.

I am looking for someone who can code a simple function in the UV editor, Compositor, and Image Editor that can copy the RENDER RESULT to Windows Clipboard. The name of the function is “Copy Image to Clipboard” as such:

So if I am working in color correction on the Compositor, my render result can show my effects (vignette, glare, green screen despill, etc…) in the RENDER RESULT, so I can use the “Copy image to clipboard” and even assign it a shortcut.

I am willing to pay for this function if you DM me about your proposal for this function. It’s just a copy to memory buffer image and resolution.



Basically it’s making something like this:
But as addon, and no extra fuzz installing extra python things.

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always wanted this feature in the core software :eyes:

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