Copy Render Settings Addon

I would like to save the render settings of 2 scenes and try those settings in my scene.RENDER%20SETTINGS Do I enable all the set buttons on the right? Then what do I do when I open my scene I want these render settings applied to? Or should I delete the objects in my scene and then paste my new scene in the empty scene from another open blender application? Will the render settings have remained in the empty scene and will they still be there when I paste my new scene? Thanks

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Are you able to answer my question or provide me with a link on how to use your addon? Thanks

The scene I copied my render settings from had a samples setting of 1024. I depressed the copy render settings button, closed scene .001 and opened my new scene. Then I depressed scene.001 at the bottom of the copy render settings panel. When I looked at my samples they should have changed from 1500 samples to 1024. They did not. Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone make use of this addon? Thanks

Hi! I’ve run to the same issue yesterday and it seems the add-on is out of date regarding copying sampling render information.

So, I came up with this simple solution:

import bpy

for i in range(0, len(

#rendering samples[i].eevee.taa_render_samples = 8
#viewport samples[i].eevee.taa_samples = 8

It will go trough all of your scenes changing the Sampling section to 8 samples (render & view-port) in this example.

here is another one: Eevee Presets / Cycles Presets