Copy Rotation flips when target object surpasses 180


I get one object to copy the rotation of another, but when I rotate the target object beyond 180 degrees, the object that is copying that rotation flips or jumps by 180.

So how on earth am I supposed to animate a clock? I am sure I have done this before and this problem didn’t arise.

So I then tried using Transformation Constraint. The same thing happens just at a different rotation amount of the target object!

Please can anyone help? Thanks.

I have found a way to solve this using Drivers, but I’d still like to know how to solve it using Constraints! Thanks.

By the way, it only occurs if you are copying the rotation by fractions of degrees. For example, using a Transformation Constraint, if the Source is set to 1 degree and the Destination is set to 2 degrees, then the Owner object rotates twice as fast as the Target smoothly never with any problem jumping.

But if the Source is set to 1 degree and the Destination is set to 1.5 degrees, then the Owner object rotates 1.5 times as fast as the Target, BUT the flipping will occur when the target surpasses 180 degrees. Making Target 2, Destination 3 (to get same ratio expressed in whole numbers) does nothing to solve it. Any ideas anyone? Even if nobody has a solution, I’d still be interested in an explanation.

It would probably be easier to help if you uploaded a sample blend file

Do it with drivers, I have never had rotation issues when I use drivers!

Cheers, Clock

Thanks… yes I had already gone the way of Drivers, and now it works fine! I think it is because Constraints are copying rotations, but Drivers are generating rotations.