copy rotation multiplying

Hey guys,

I was wondering if you can multiply a constraint. Because I’m working on a lego technic library, but I want a simple way to make the gears move. I used the copy rotation and it works perfect if the next gear needs to move at the same speed or slower. But of course, I want to do things different…
Can you change the influence of the constraint to 2 or more, that would make my problems go away!
Or is there a simple way to write a script for this? I use bones as base.


Why don´t you try with the transformation constraint? You may be able to mimic the effect of the copy rotation constraint but with a multiplied factor.

In the Transformation constraint you can set the angle of rotation of the main bone, the input or source, and you can set another value for the the destination bone. So you can tell the constraint to take the ¨main bone¨ 90 degrees rotation in x as input, and that that 90 degrees rotation makes the other bone rotate 180 for example. You can also set the constraint to extrapolate the motion.

Thank you!
works perfect!