Copy Rotation problem

Hi I have been trying to use the copy rotation in my project but I have been met with a lot of difficulty to get it to work. I made this one object that is meant to only copy the Y axis but whenever I rotate the bone it is copying on the x axis it will rotate the objects Y axis. Any Idea’s. I have the influence set to 1.00, I have offset checked, I only have Y axis checked. None of the inverted boxes are check. And it’s parented to a bone. It is set to world space <-> world space.

try using ctrl A >> apply rotation on both objects before adding the constraint.

Pressing CTRL-A and selecting rotation did not work.

Try this:

  • Select the bone that’s doing the copying and change the rotation type from Quaternion to Euler. It likely won’t matter which, but as a way to keep things straight in your head, pick one that starts with Y (YZX or YXZ) (this is just to simplify the rotation, again so you can keep it straight in your head),
  • in the constraint panel, turn off Y and turn on one of the others (X or Z),
  • see if you get the behaviour you’re looking for, IF NOT:
  • try the other one (Z or X).

If that doesn’t work, try the other Euler variations until you get one that does. Hopefully, you won’t have to go through them all.
Another thing you can experiment with switching between Local, Pose and World Space. Change both Target (left) and Owner (right) to be the same (switching just one will often do weird things to your bones as well).

The bone constraint system is a bit mysterious (nobody really understands it, not even the devs) and copying single rotations doesn’t always work the way you expect, especially in a complex rig. Experimentation is the most important activity when building rigs.

It didn’t work but thanks anyway. The advice for experimenting is helpful.

If you post a .blend file, I’ll take a look at it.

No that’s ok, I think ill just ignore the problem

:slight_smile: You sound like me.