Copy Rotation X,Y with Linier Interpolation over time?

I almost have what I want here:

    Turn = 0.05
    StickCircle = scene.objects["StickCircle"]
    Player = own
    Player.orientation = Player.orientation.lerp(StickCircle.orientation, Turn)

The Player copies the Orentation of StickCircle object, but does not do it in one Tick “of the game engine” it does it over time, each Tick being 0.05 percent of the total distance.

My question is this:
How can I have a true liner interpolation, ie if the total rotation difrance is X, then the rotation amount is X/10 for each Tick. As it is now the rotation each tick gets progresavly smaller but never gets to zero.

How can I make it so that this Copy Orentation is only applied on the X and Y axis leaving the Z axis free to rotate as the other two interpolate between the two posistions.

Thank You
Max Hammond

To get it linear set a property ‘step’ on player to 20 (for 20 frames). If player[‘step’] is > 0 set turn to 1.0/player[“step”] and do Your rotation then decrease player[‘step’] with one. If player[‘step’] is not > 0 do nothing - The rotation are already done!