copy shape key names and drivers

What would be a good approach to copy all the shape key names and drivers from a selected object in one scene to another selected object in a different scene within the same blender file?

I’m working in Blenrig and a example character mesh has all of the modeled shape keys on various body objects. I can append it in a different scene and now I have access to all the items. I would like to add the names and drivers in the appended scene’s mesh object to my rigged character’s mesh so I don’t overlook any potential shape key adjustments. I didn’t want to do a one by one comparison and copy because of the volume. I don’t care if the shape key works because I’ll be changing it anyway so matching vertices etc is not an issue. I’m interested in getting just the names because they indicate the control bones impacted and copying the driver so I don’t have to recreate all of these on my mesh by hand.

What would a good workflow structure be to code this objective and is it doable?

OK here is what i had, but having a python issue. I’m sure it is between the keyboard and the floor.

I append an entire scene into the file I want to add new shape keys to.
I then coded up the python to use the selected meshes in each scene.
I copied the shapekey names into a list.
I then switched back to the scene I want the shape keys in.
It adds the shape keys, but it also is adding a bracket and quote so I get the following.


How can I get rid of the brackets and quote in my python?

Attached is file I’m testing with. running from first scene and copying from second scene. Excuse the code, this is just to get the workflow down.

copyshapekeynamesanddrivers.blend (485 KB)