Copy shape key to VG target

Hey all,
I searching for a way for 2 object s vertex groups to share the same location. Eg tweaking the one mesh affect only the vertex group of another. I found some old threads but no success.
The 2 meshes have only partialy the same vertex location so i think shape keys is the way to go. I tried with shrink warp but extreme deforms messed up positions.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Shrinkwrap has several modes, one of those is Nearest Vertex. Have you tried that?

like i already said shrink warp breaks at extremes . I m trying to make a vertex group to follow another object with exact same vertex location.

It’s not a solution to your problem, but the Surface Deform modifier (Deform > Surface Deform) seems to give better results than Shrinkwrap.
The disadvantage is that there’s no vertex group option in the modifier to let you specify what vertices you want to be deformed.