Copy ShapeKey

I have a shape Key (in 2.5) that I want to copy. I want the exact shape key for a starting point, and then I want to tweak it and modify it.

This seems like a common thing… but I don’t see a way of doing it from the UI. Am I missing something?

I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t take long to script in Python, but before I tackle that, I was wondering if it already exists somewhere?

OK… doh! Sometimes I feel so stupid…

If you want to copy an existing shapeKey, you simply select it before hitting the “+” button, and make sure you have the “Relative” box checked.

If you select Basis and do that, you get an “empty” shapekey.

If you select your shapekey and do it, it will copy that by default. It actually makes sense.

Oh… and the little down arrow key next to the list box

is NOT an arrow key you hit if you have so many shapekeys you need to scroll down – that’s not what that is… it is a “More Options” button. There you find all sorts of goodies including MIRROR, so you can easily turn a LEFT side shapeKey into a RIGHT side shapekey.

Very slick!