Copy single IPOs to several objects

Hey guys,

I’m animating a molecule coming together. I’ve alread done it, but I’ll be doing it many more times and I’m hoping to make the process a little faster. Here’s what I’ve been doing so far:

  1. Import Molecule (using PDB2Blend - a source of much frustration)
  2. Separate atoms and bonds onto separate layers
  3. Give one atom rigid body physics with a 3 radius
  4. Copy Physical Properties to all the other atoms
  5. Save Game to IPOs, then run the game
  6. Use a Time IPO to reverse the explosion into a self-assembly

It’s all pretty neat, until the Time IPO bit. I can’t link the IPOs to copy the Time curve, since that would ruin the explosion curves, I can’t draw and link Time first, since the Game writes over it and I REALLY don’t want to cut and paste a time curve for every individual molecule (I’ll be working with 400 at times).

So, does anyone know how to link/copy an individual IPO curve to several objects at once?

If someone can answer this, I’ll love them and Blender forever.

Well, you already should love me for the time-ipo thing, that’s why someone else should answer the question how to copy just one single ipo curve to several objects at once…

honestly, I don’t know the answer. :frowning: Maybe using some python could do the job but that’s not my league.

BUT: you could really really consider just animating the explosion straight forward and then reverse it with VSE. With VSE you would also paste the part that comes after the coming together of the molecules in your movie.
The fact that you want to do it all in one contiuous scene makes it complicated… Is that really necessary?

Think about it, in case nobody can help you with the copy-task…

Oh, no, I’ve given up on the 1 scene ideal. It’s just that, for these applications (where you’re dealing with hundreds of similar objects which potentially have to be individually animated) the ability to copy specific IPOs on a large scale would be a massive plus. Plus, the time IPO lets me use Bezian curves, and it’s really handy to slow it all down smoothly just before it comes together. It would also let me copy relative movements, which are useful for making the atoms look a bit more quantum-y from time to time.

Oh, and for the logic bricks thing, it turns out that the feature I wanted was Copy Physical Properties. I’m still not sure what the Logic Brick part applied to.

This can certainly be done with python code.