Copy skeletons

As you all know I never really do animation. I made a character and then duplicated him so I could have two people fighting. The problem is when ever I animate the original character the other ones skeleton copies the origanl characters skeleton.


make sure you add a seperate action for the duplicate armature

copy armature then animate both characters :Z

That has nothing to do with my question. I already copied them and have two seperate armatures and characters. The problem is when I move one of their skeletons and insert a key frame the others skeleton copies that key frame.

this has been commented recently, there seems to be some intangible connection within blender, which associates the copy to the original. the solution seems to be renaming the new armature right away, before you start doing any animation. perhaps clear any keyframes on the new armature, just to be safe?

if you do manage to work it out, could you post the process you followed? i managed it, but mostly by fiddling with a lot of things, so i am not sure what the actual solution was.

jim ww

Thanks alot I will try this right away. If it works or I find a solution I will be sure to tell everyone.


the copy and the original simply share the same action - easily proven if you look at the action editor. as zerod said, you’ll need another action. in the action editor, next to the action name in the header, click on the number (i bet it’s “3”) and confirm to make it singl user. it then sais “2”, which usually means it still has two users, but this seems to be default for armatures, so leave it like that (maybe someone can enlighten me on that issue why always two???).
now you can remove all keys and start a new animation.

have fun


ah! thanks, that seems to be the solution. i selected the duplicated armature, went over to the action editor and made it a single user item, and they now function as individuals. cool beans. that should help a lot for future projects with generic variant characters.

jim ww

solmax thankyou very much. I really am greatful that you could help, works like a charm now.