copy texture with append

i;v append a object with a material from one file to another one
but in the new one i cannot render the obejct as in the frist file

what’s happenng with this happening here - this is the first time i ahve a problem with this function

even the bottom window does not ahve the same menu for shader and mirror
see the pic
the last pic show the difference in rendering between the 2 files
so i basically lost all the glossiness and shine on the 2 object s

can someone help


the panel on the left is the Yafray panel the one of the right is the regular Blender 2.46 panel. Make sure you have Yafray selected in your Render settings.

i put back blender and re-adjusted all the lamps intensity
because yafray need a lot more energy than blender
but usually does a better jo at rendering shinning metal

not i tried to apply this texture to a plane but a get a wash up white teexture instead of the chrome brushed like festures on the sphere
but if i put a cube it does render OK - why is this problem with the plane?

anything that can be done about it