Copy to Selected

I’ve recently finally gotten off my stubborn behind and moved to 2.69 from 2.49b. But I’ve hit a wall and desperately need help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated in this situation.

Blender 2.49 had bone weight copy as a script, but it also had a wonderful thing (for when I messed up on the weighting somewhere) to copy selected to active. Meaning when I did a bone weight copy from one mesh to another, with the receiving mesh having only certain vertices selected, I could affect only that area, and not the rest of the weight paints I’ve already done that were right.

Blender 2.69 has some vast improvements regarding weight paint transfers, in that… well it’s massively faster and it works like a charm… except it is lacking the “Copy selected to active” portion… and that is a bit of a problem for me, as it was something I had come to cherish as a tool in my arsenal. If anyone has any idea where this has moved, or a script that has been created to replicate this behavior… please pass the info my way as I’m floundering and simply cannot continue with the project I have (I can, but it will be awkwardly painful if I do) without this tool.:RocknRoll:

That tool still exists. Look in the Mesh Data panel at your menu of Vertex Groups. On the right side there is a small black downward-pointing arrow. That arrow is a sneaky little menu full of useful goodies that no one ever notices.