Copy Transformation Constraint in Local Space Issue

Though I don’t know if this can even work like I’m trying to get it to, I seem to remember doing this before successfully. So I have a cube and a sphere, and I’m having problems with all of the Copy Transformation Constraints.

Here is how this is set up:

sorry for poor quality image.

With Copy Location:
I’m trying to get this working so when I move the blue sphere along it’s local z-axis, the red box will move along its local z-axis. So in this specific case I want the red box to move vertically along the global-z, as I move the blue sphere along global-y. Changing the space the constraint is evaluated in won’t have any effect, and turning off offset obviously leaves me with the red box directly inside the blue sphere (which is no good!). No matter how I have the constraint’s space evaluation set up, the red box always moves in the exact same direction as the blue sphere.

With Copy Rotation:
Exactly the same problem as with Copy Location, I’m trying to have the red box rotate along it’s local-z axis when the blue sphere rotates along its local z-axis. I can’t get any other outcome other than having the red box copy the blue spheres rotation exactly as though it were being evaluated in global space. (I rotate the blue sphere around it’s local-z, and instead of the red box rotating around it’s local z, it rotates around it’s local-y, which is globally equal to the blue sphere’s local-z.)

With Copy Scale:
The problem here is exactly the opposite of Copy Rotation and Copy Scale. No matter how I configure the Copy Scale constraint, the red box always copies the blue sphere in one of it’s local axes. I simply cannot get the red box to copy the blue sphere like it were in global space (with the set-up in the picture. if i rotate the red box so it’s local axes match the blue spheres local axes, then it works, which makes sense for this problem).
For example, with the two objects rotated how they are, so that their local y and z axes don’t match, scaling the blue sphere along the global z-axis scales the red box along it’s local z-axis, no matter how I set it up (including enabling/disabling offset).

This is really bugging me, and I’ve been messing with it for a good few hours now. If someone can help me sort this out it would be great. I’m sure there is just some little thing I’m missing here, and I’m almost positive I’ve done this before. Two last things to note: changing the actual transform orientation of the scene doesn’t have any effect on these problems, and I’m using a 2.56 beta build from

Also the .blend is attached if anyone thinks it might help to solve the problem.

copy transforamtion problem.blend (546 KB)

So I got it to work…
I guess you need three objects to have it work. One object that will have it’s transformation copied, one object to copy the first objects transformation, and a third object, that the second object has to be parented to. Then the parent object has to be rotated (which rotates the constrained object along with it), only then will the local axis work. I actually think this is pretty stupid, and you should be able to simply do it with just two objects.