Copy UVs?

Hi, can I copy some parts from one UVMap that is in one object to another UV which is in other object?
The object is the same, but in another saving I changed the UVs, and now I want to recover some parts I did right in the old UVs…

Is there any script or some tip for doing this?


Just append your mesh from the previous save and re-link that mesh to the current object.

there is also a script that works fine for this. Go to scripts->object->uv copy from active. You must select first the destination object and then add to the selection the right uv’d object.

Thank you both for the tricks, but they don’t work.
nf3 doing with Uv copy from gives me an error and the console says that the face length doesn’t match with the object.
I remember now that I made some changes to the model after…

Atom I’ve tried what you say, (I figure that when you say “re-link” you mean the option “link” in File/append or link), but it doesn’t works maybe because of the different lenght of faces…

Anyway these methods are for copying the entire UV, but what I want is copying part of the old UVmap into the new one.

yep, i replicated your error message if i change things on the destination objects, i only used the script with duplicated objects.

take a look at this, it may be helpful ( i didnt test it):

By re-linking, I mean to actually re-link the mesh datablock. This is not part of linking to an external file in the Append dialog. An object is linked to a mesh internally. When you append a new mesh, it just goes into memory and stays there in an unlinked state. You link any object to that unlinked mesh and it will become the new mesh of the object, dropping the current mesh into an unlinked state. It will work and inherit the UVs of the appended mesh. Press F9 for the Editing context, it is under the links and materials tab. (the drop down that has a “ME” next to it allows mesh re-linking)

Haha hf3 that’s really a good trick! I haven’t already test it but it looks good, and if this works it would solve all of my headaches! I will try it after in my spare time. I’ll tell you.

Atom I will try it again but anyway it won’t solve my problem because it will override the other UV, and I want to keep some parts of the old UV.

Thank you all both :slight_smile:

True, it will override. Sorry to mislead you.

I am trying to download the plugins for import and export the UVs to SVG from the links in the webpage, and they don’t work… Anyone know any other link for downloading them? I am trying with google and nothing…

Okay for exporting the UV there is no problem, I can do it with the plugin save “UV Face Layout2” which comes with Blender, but for importing?

Atom I’ve tried again what you say and now it works, I don’t know what I was doing before. It’s not useful for me in this case but thank you anyway for the help.