Copy weights from one bone to another?

Ok so I have a rigging question…

I’ve been working on a push up bra for a character I’m working on for a Fallout 3 mod. I’m using a pre-made body provided by the modding community with permissions but I need to make some small adjustments. Now, usually I just use bone/weight copy onto my clothing items and then manually fix any errors by hand with weight painting. However, what I am doing now will require something a bit more precise.

What I need to do essentially is lift the breasts themselves so that the push up bra looks as though it is lifting them. I’ve created the bra but found out later on that no matter how hard I try, I can’t get it to fit correctly and moving things around vert by vert will more than likely screw up the mesh in some way or another. Sculpting is an ok idea but still isn’t accurate enough. So, I came up with a solution… why rig each breast to a bone and move the bone around until it looks nice… then Apply Deformation and re-copy the bone weights to the new, updated body?

Well, there is one major issue here. The bra and the body mesh will need to be exactly proportionate. So… is there a way that I could rig just the left breast and copy the weights over to the right breast bone and mirror them?

Or is there a way to paint in mirrored mode and then copy the weights from bone to bone? Then I could say… select the right breast bone and remove the weights from the left breast (mesh) by hand and vice-versa?

i second ur request, i too need to no how to copy weights from bone to another or something like mirroring :frowning:

Anyone have a response?