Copying a character from another game..

I want Armor King from Tekken in my game…I just wondering if its legal to copy a character from another game. For example Ryu from Street Fighter has appeared in Tekken.

This is easy. It is NOT legal, unless you get written consent from the original creator of that character, and you KNOW that it isn’t someone pretending to be the creator.

This likely won’t happen, just to let you know.

Oh man…

You need permission of the creator, which usually involves a little (shitloads) sum of money.

Copyrights rock

If you mean modeling the character and using pics as a reference image, then you can just slap some different colors on him and call him slash or something of that sort (at least that’s my point of view). Now…if you mean taking something like actually hacking the game and getting the model or downloading it, then it’s illegal…

You mean I can use Armor King in my game?

As long as your not planning on making a comercial game and selling it but just making something for your own ammusment then i dont think there is anything wrong with that, but if you were planning on selling your game and making money off of it then it would be illigal.

disighn your own charictor based on Armor King.