Copying a frame and reversing with CTRL+SHIFT+V is not working properly

Okay, I’m following a tutorial and I’m trying to create walk and run animations.
The tutorial says to create 50% of the animation and the rest can be copied and then mirrored.
(Sorry for my english expressions, not my first language nor am I experienced in Blender expressions)

The guy does it with selecting the frames we want to copy (and all bones), then CTRL+C and CTRL+SHIFT+V on the frame we want to paste it. It almost is the same, but some differences exist.

So yeah, the hands and upper body seems to mirror correctly, but the legs don’t do that…

does anyone have idea why is it mirroring this way because the guy in the video gets the EXACT copy.

Thank you in advance, Luka

Welcome to the forum. Did you doublecheck the naming of the leg bones?

Personally, first I’d look at would be my bone rolls. Mirroring of pose expects a certain orientation of the local axes of the bones to work.

Thank you very much! Yes, I have checked almost every possible “solution” before opening a topic here and on stackexchange.

BTW - I’ve reset all of the rotations and movements of bones to the start and when I moved my left leg forward and my right leg backwards without any rotations (moved them locked on y axis) and without any bending in the knees, it mirrors correctly. If I have any bending in the knees, it deformes. If that might help, thank you again.

I’ve checked the rotation on bones and such following the video, almost to the exact point. If you check my comment above, I’ve realized it has to do something with the bending of legs (at knee) area.

EDIT: this is the model, if anyone is interested to check out.

Look at the bone rolls of your IK targets. Duplicate one of them in edit and then use “symmetrize” operation to make a copy that mirrors properly. Those are the axes they should have (if you want to mirror). Because the thigh and calf are controlled by the IK bones, the difference in axes on the IK targets is leading to differences in symmetry at the knee.

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SOLVED! I got solutions both here and at almost the same time. Thank you very much, I lost a day trying to fix it and the community helped me really fast. I got so into this and this problem blocked me from a whole day of work but there’s always tomorrow! Once again, thank you for quick help :slight_smile:

If I do CTRL + V, it works… but if I do CTRL+Shift+V it doesn’t work properly…
I deleted the links bones and symmetrized the right bones again… Any suggestions?