Copying action to all objects (in group) ?


I have a 40 separate objects. I created simple action with some
rotation and bouncing. Is there any way to apply this action
to all objects ? I mean not by applying this one by one,
but to all in “one click”.
I tried to group them and applying action then but
with no results…

I know that I can duplicate object with action,
but I need to duplicate objects first and then
apply action.

Thanks for any help,

Select all the objects making sure the last object selected has the action you want to copy. Try Ctrl+C (or Alt+C I can never remember which) to give a list aof things you can copy.

Hm…I forgot to write that I’m using 2.53 Beta and there’s no such shortcut…
BUT… I found from menu Object->Make Links…->Animation Data
and it works, but its makeing links only.
So if the first object - Cube1 has action bounce1 - after
making links the Cube2,3,4 get te bounce1.001 bounce 1.002 etc. actions
It would be great if i could find Object-> Duplicate ->Animation Data

Or maybe there is a solution why after: Object->Make Links->Animation Data
I can’t change just bounce1 and get the update on all other linked objects.