copying an animation to another character trouble

I have one character animated and would like to transfer her animation to the rest of the characters since they will all be doing jumping jacks in this scene.

When I go to the Action Editor to link the first animation to a second character, the second character blows up and becomes completely distorted. Any help would be appreciated.

Obviously it’s a problem with the armature on the 2nd character. I assume you used the same rig for both characters? Check the 2nd character’s mesh, make sure the origin point matches that of the armature, and that it’s scale & rotation match that of the armature. Make sure there’s only 1 armature modifier on the mesh. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head, if you used the same rig. Best to post the .blend file so someone can take a look.


Yes you are almost correct. If you copy the animation, The control names & number of controls should be same. For example If 1st Rig Arm name is CTRL_Arm.L , than the 2nd Rig Arm should be same. Try these.